Types iii-b, iii-c, iv-b iv-c, v-e, vi, vi-a and vi-b

These were not ordinary Interpostals, but were used concurrently with those of Alexandria.

1867 - Kehr type IIIb
Kehr Cat. Color Value (1984) 1867 III-b

1867 - Kehr type IIIb Triple-lined outer circle, around the inscription :"Poste Vice Reali Egiziane/Alessandria" and "Direzione/Generale " in the centre. Red (shades) or green.

74 red on white £ 4.00
74a red on azure £ 5.00
74b red on rose £10.00
1867 - Kehr type IIIc
Kehr Cat. Color Value (1984) 1867 III-c

1867 - Kehr type IIIc As above without "Alessandria". Same colours.

75 red on white £ 4.00
75a red on azure £ 7.00
75b red on rose £12.00
1868 - Kehr type IVb
Kehr Cat. Color Value (1984) 1868 IV-b

1868 - Kehr type IVb Same outer inscriptions as TYPE IV, with Star and Crescent in the centre surrounded by "Direzione Generale". Red with green centre.

153 red and green on white £ 7.00
153a red & pale blue on white £ 10.00
153b red and green on rose £12.00
153c red and green on bluish £12.00
153d red and green on pink £15.00
153e red and green on greenish £12.00
153f red and green on azure £15.00
1870 - Kehr type IVc
Kehr Cat. Color Value (1984) 1870 IV-c


154 gold on white £ 10.00
154a gold on greenish £ 12.00
154b gold on blue £15.00
154c gold on rose £15.00
1871 - Kehr type Ve
Kehr Cat. Color Value (1984) 1871 V-e

1871 - Kehr type Ve Inscribed "Direzione Generale Delle Poste Khedeuie Egiziane *Alessandria*" (also in Arabic in centre, with Star and Crescent). Gold on white.

377 gold on white £ 10.00

1872 - Kehr type VI Inscriptions as above, but periods in place of stars on each side of 'Alessandria'. Smaller format and embossed in several colours on coloured papers. Also gold on white.

This issue exists in two different printings using two different stones or ‘dies’:

Die A: The Arabic letter ‘h’ located directly below the letters HE of KHEDIVIE looks like the latin ‘e’ with two dots on its top.

In die B: This letter appears like the letter ‘o’ with two dots on its top.

1872 - Kehr type VI
Kehr Cat. Color Value (1984) 1872 VI


377A Lake red on white £ 3.00
377B Deep blue on white £ 3.00
377C Sky blue on white £4.00
377D Indigo on buff £4.00
377E Indigo on bright blue £6.00
*377F Dark blue on lilac-rose -
377G Indigo on dark green £4.00
377H Indigo on dark brown £6.00
377I Red on rose £6.00
377J Indigo on orange £4.00

1873 - Kehr type VIa

Inscribed "Poste Khedevie Egiziane. /Gabinetto Del Direttore Generale." Also in Arabic in centre, with small Star and Crescent. Even smaller format than TYPE VI. No town name is indicated. Embossed in red, rose, gray blue (only 25mm in diameter, dark blue and dark red on thick paper.

This issue exists in two printings or ‘dies’, die I and die II. Die I roman letters are close together with no clear separation between the words. In Die II, apparently a later printing, the words are clearly separated by spaces.

1873 - Kehr type VIa

Kehr Cat.


Value (1984)


Rose on white



Gray-blue on white *



Dark blue on white



Dark red on white


* 378 A is 25 mm in diameter, the others are 28 mm.

1873 - Kehr type VIb As above but inscribed "Vice Direttore" (in place of `Direttore Generale'). Stars in place of periods between top and bottom inscriptions. Larger Star and Crescent.

1873 - Kehr type VIb

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Kehr Cat.


Value (1984)



dark red on white




blue on white